Crowdpublishr Wants to Fund, Publish, Distribute & Promote Books


Self-publishers often have to take a long and sometimes arduous route to success. One service might just take some of the stress out of the process.

Self-publishing options have overwhelmed prospective authors with a barrage of choices to professionally produce and market their books. Not only can publishing services be expensive and of uneven quality, recovering those publishing costs and as well as developing a committed readership can be elusive at best.

Crowdpublishr, a new Cambridge, Massachusetts based start-up, wants to give authors the opportunity to develop their audience in advance of publication and use these social connections to help pay for the needed publishing services. Writers can fund, publish, distribute and promote their books, all in a fun and easy to use on line platform. Crowdpublishr takes much of the risk out of indie publishing, starting with free promotional tools and then allowing authors to DIY or purchase the needed services.

Crowdpublishr Wants to Fund, Publish, Distribute & Promote Books | Crowdfund Insider.