Editing Manuscripts, For Better Or Worse


Brennan Reid talks us through the process of editing your work ready for publication.

Brennan Reid

There are two ways to edit a manuscript, each of which should be performed in conjunction with one another:

  • Do it yourself.
  • Have someone do it for you.

Pencils are nowhere near as intimidating. Pencils are nowhere near as intimidating.

Simple, right? It should be. I’m not going to preach about editing and prepping a final, publish-ready draft — we’re all serious here about writing, so we already know this. Instead, I’m going to investigate a few different ways I go about editing and why I think it’s the most stressful job in the world.

What To Edit For

I’m an extremely harsh self-editor. I knew this but didn’t realize the extent until I started going through draft and draft of my 75,000 word sci-fi project. I’d change a name, drop a hint, shift a scene, pull words, and do everything I could to become totally confident in the final draft. It was (and still is)…

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How to edit your own work


Some great advice and tips for editing your own book before publication.

With Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing), Amazon have made it possible for any writer to upload and sell their books on the kindle, with no cost to the author, and have made it extremely simple for writers to upload their work.

Self Publishing – Editing your own work

Writing and Self-Publishing Ebooks


If you are compiling a blog you may already have enough content to compile your books. One author used her blog content to self-publish 5 books in double quick time (and at low cost), earning over $1000 per month from online sales as a result.

Small Talk, Big Results


It was July 30, 2010 and I sat across from Mark LeBlanc, a business consultant and former National Speaker Association National president.  He looked at me with his hound dog eyes and said, “You need to write a book. And you can do it next month”  It wasn’t a suggestion.  It was a “demandment.”

I stared back at him, thinking: I have no time.  I have no money.  I have no knowledge.

I had no time.  I worked two part-time jobs and had three teenagers at home, one of whom I was homeschooling.

I had no money.  We had a failing technology business.  Later that year we would be filing for bankruptcy.

I had no knowledge.  I didn’t know the first thing about self-publishing.

So with those thoughts swirling in my head, I said: “I think I can do that.”

I don’t know where those words came from, but if…

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8 Reasons This “Writer’s Digest” Article Bothers Me


Brennan Reid discusses a recent post on Writer’s Digest and offers his 8-point advice for new writers.

Brennan Reid

I like reading articles on self-publishing and books. It’s what I do every afternoon. But this one on Writer’s Digest, more so than most articles I come across, plucked me the wrong way. The article was written by a columnist about an author-promoter/marketing expert’s ideas. Fine — these kinds of featurettes show up all of the time.

Book Plans

What bothered me, though, was that the piece drew me in promising “advice” and all I got was a sense of misgiving and the urge to check out the columnist’s inspiration’s book to learn more. A piece on Writer’s Digest — one of the most popular sites for writers and readers — wrote about book promotion and in turn promoted a book.

Fine. I accept that, too. A little easy, maybe, but not so much if the piece actually gave readers advice to go off of. It didn’t. Instead, all it said was “both…

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Crowdpublishr Wants to Fund, Publish, Distribute & Promote Books


Self-publishers often have to take a long and sometimes arduous route to success. One service might just take some of the stress out of the process.

Self-publishing options have overwhelmed prospective authors with a barrage of choices to professionally produce and market their books. Not only can publishing services be expensive and of uneven quality, recovering those publishing costs and as well as developing a committed readership can be elusive at best.

Crowdpublishr, a new Cambridge, Massachusetts based start-up, wants to give authors the opportunity to develop their audience in advance of publication and use these social connections to help pay for the needed publishing services. Writers can fund, publish, distribute and promote their books, all in a fun and easy to use on line platform. Crowdpublishr takes much of the risk out of indie publishing, starting with free promotional tools and then allowing authors to DIY or purchase the needed services.

Crowdpublishr Wants to Fund, Publish, Distribute & Promote Books | Crowdfund Insider.

The Value of Free Books


Opinion: The Value of Free Books – by Jan Ruth - Self-Publishing Advice

Promotion! Promotion! Promotion! – self-publishers need to be actively themselves and their work. One route is to build a following through free giveaways.

Self-published novelist Jan Ruth, based in Wales, shares the success story of how she used free book giveaways to raise her profile and boost sales of her novel Silver Rain, while querying the rights and wrongs of having to give books away in order to sell more books.

Jan Ruth

The Value of Free Books – by Jan Ruth – Self-Publishing Advice.

Where to Advertise Your E-Books – Discounted, Free, and Otherwise


There are a number of sites where self-publisher can advertise their latest publications. This article provides a useful overview.

Last year, a fellow author ran a discount special on her book. She and her publisher combined efforts and advertised the sale price on several sites. Her sales went through the roof, her book shot to the top of the Amazon charts, and she moved over four thousand copies.

A J Cavanaugh

Insecure Writer’s Support Group: Where to Advertise Your E-Books – Discounted, Free, and Otherwise.