22 Fabulous Web Business Tools For 2014


Rob Cornish gives the lowdown on his top most useful web tools. A veritable cornucopia of time-saving, sales-making applications for any discerning self-publisher:

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Using The Cloud To Store Files


In the olden days, a few years back, if you planned on being away from the “office” for any appreciable time and intended to continue working you had to remember to upload all those important files and documents in advance. What a chore!

Inevitably you would always forget to upload the most important data!!

How things have changed. Now we have the Cloud. Store your important files on a remote server and you can retrieve them anywhere at any time on any computer.

Here Rob Cornish talks of the options available:

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5 Top Editing Mistakes Made By Self-Publishing Authors


All self-publishing authors dream of success for their book. However, the difference between success and failure is a fine line. Attention to detail is key.

Strategic Book Publishing and Rights Agency (SBPRA), an independent publishing company, has now revealed the top editing mistakes self-publishers make that can sabotage their book’s success.

Bottom line: self-publishers be aware.

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5 Common Roadblocks To Finishing That Book Writing (Part 1)


The old saying “everyone has a book inside them” is probably true. But as a writer, having the idea for a book is the relatively easy part. Sitting down to write to completion is quite another.

Keith Ogorek explores the 5 main roadblocks to finishing book and recommends solutions.

This is the first of a two part article.


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