Becoming A Self-Publishing Explorer

Self-Publishing Explorer

I’m Jerry Sims and I live on the Isle of Wight, an island a few miles off the south coast of England, with my wife and two young boys. A great deal of my life is taken up with running a very busy private medical practice on the island and in Portsmouth. When I’m not racing between clinics, I’m writing away in my garden office, hidden from humanity (and the attentions of our playful collie!!).

I’ve always enjoyed writing, and setting up my own publishing company was an early dream. I actually dabbled in publishing in my late teens (long before the arrival of the Internet). But then life (higher education, work, buying a home, having a family) took over and the dream was shunted to the distant back burner.

However, in recent years I’ve been able to revive my love of writing, and with the progress of internet technology my vision of a publishing business has become a readily achievable goal.

So, why have I decided to compile a blog? Well, I’m a relative novice in the world of digital publishing but I do have a very basic understanding of what self-publishing involves. What I want to do during 2014 is go back over what I’ve learnt so far and develop a deeper knowledge. This blog will therefore become a record of this endeavour. I see it as my online scrapbook – a repository of my gleanings as I don my explorer’s hat and set off into uncharted territories (uncharted for me that is).

I’m very much hoping you will join me on my travels.

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