8 Reasons This “Writer’s Digest” Article Bothers Me


Brennan Reid discusses a recent post on Writer’s Digest and offers his 8-point advice for new writers.

Brennan Reid

I like reading articles on self-publishing and books. It’s what I do every afternoon. But this one on Writer’s Digest, more so than most articles I come across, plucked me the wrong way. The article was written by a columnist about an author-promoter/marketing expert’s ideas. Fine — these kinds of featurettes show up all of the time.

Book Plans

What bothered me, though, was that the piece drew me in promising “advice” and all I got was a sense of misgiving and the urge to check out the columnist’s inspiration’s book to learn more. A piece on Writer’s Digest — one of the most popular sites for writers and readers — wrote about book promotion and in turn promoted a book.

Fine. I accept that, too. A little easy, maybe, but not so much if the piece actually gave readers advice to go off of. It didn’t. Instead, all it said was “both…

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