Book Launch Autopsy


Michal Stawicki describes the processes he went through for the launch of his latest book:

via Michal Stawicki @ ExpandBeyondYourself


3 thoughts on “Book Launch Autopsy

    • Very happy to spread the word Michal. Very much impressed by your site and your work. I’m exploring the world of low maintenance living – reducing all the stuff that clutters life so that there’s more time for the enjoyable things: the latter is something so many of us are missing. Just listening to a commentator on BBC Radio 4: essentially discussing how the economy has improved here in the UK but only because people are working “24 hours a day” to make it so – that can hardly be called an economic success if we are all being turned into slaves to the system.

      On another subject: I’m interested in the personal stories of established Kindle self-publishers. Just wondered looking back what you wished you’d known more about publishing on Amazon when you first started out?

      • In my experience it’s not about knowing or don’t. It’s about implementing. I’ve recently realized that my business horizon is just too long for Amazon.
        I hate reviews on Amazon. 90% of them are shallow and without substance. I actually discouraged my readers from reviewing my books.
        But reviews drive sales.
        I knew about it, I didn’t apply that knowledge.
        I’ll try a different approach with my new book.

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