BookBaby Joins With Goodreads & NoiseTrade To Pool Marketing Resources


The eBook publisher and distributor BookBaby announces partnerships yesterday with Goodreads and NoiseTrade, allowing self-published authors to take advantage of each company’s marketing tools simultaneously, in a package called BookPromo.

Titles published through BookBaby will now be included in the Goodreads recommendation engine.

via Digital Book World


7 thoughts on “BookBaby Joins With Goodreads & NoiseTrade To Pool Marketing Resources

      • Jerry,

        I haven’t published with BookBaby just yet. I plan on publishing with them in March or April. I have a few more things to do to get my book ready for that final step.

        I chose them because they distribute your novel to the major online retailers. I also like their premium package where I can keep 100% of the sales.

        Actually, the premium package is what made me choose them because of all the perks that come with it. Self-publishing is a lot of hard work (that I’m willing to do) so to have some of the burden lifted off of my shoulders is appealing to me.

        I will be posting in the future about the services I have worked with on my self-publishing journey 🙂 I think it’s best to post about it after I have completed everything.

        Look forward to it if you are interested!


      • Lysa

        For sure I would be interested in your account of services used – this sounds excellent and would be very useful reading.

        You might like to write a guest post for me in the future – I’m tending to aim my research at newbie authors.

        One thing I am noticing is the great use in the USA of the free wordpress service to set up web sites/blogs supporting publications and authors’ work (and even related business). I am quite intrigued. In the UK we are always being urged to buy a domain name and set up a site via However I note that most of the great US writing luminaries use i.e. Seth Godin. Is this a cultural difference thing do you think?

        Also noted that you set up your web site after starting your book. Again here in the UK we are urged to get cracking on a blog the moment we start authoring (or even before!!) to build a following. What are your thoughts?

        Will be looking forward to seeing your progression in the writing field – looks great so far – and would love to keep in touch.



  1. I would love to write a guest post in the future!

    As far as the usage of, I’m not sure if it’s a cultural difference. My reasoning for sticking with (I will purchase a domain name in March) is because I am not computer savvy enough to host on my own. I like the convenience of because they provide updates and keep the site running smoothly.

    The reason I started my blog after I began writing my book is because a coworker told me about the power of blogging! I hadn’t considered doing that prior to my conversation with her. I agree with the ways of the UK about starting before authoring to build a following. That way, you have a solid audience to work with.

    Thank you and I would also like to keep in touch 🙂

    • Many thanks Lysa.
      I have spent the last few months exploring self-publishing and have learnt so much already. I have re-opened the yearning to teach so I am looking at ways I can develop short modules. Would like to open up to others also who might enjoy this aspect of self-publishing – would you be interested?
      If you had a choice would you prefer video modules or text (or both even)?

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