Why Self-Publish eBooks?


As good a place to start as any.

Possible reasons for me might be:

1. To work more from home – rather than rushing around getting to and from an office.  And then rushing around all day at  the office.

2. Something that can be run into old age. To my knowledge very few authors retire in their sixties. And besides, not to be too morbid, by the time I reach the current pensionable age I’m not certain there’s going to be a great deal left  in the coffers for me. (BTW touch I take after my father – he’s nearing his 80’s and has no medical history to talk of).

3. To have fun running a business. No point doing something if it ain’t fun.

4. To earn money from something I truly enjoy and wake up in the morning wanting to do.

5. To spend more time with my family.

6. To develop streams of passive income. I like the idea of finishing a project and having the time and a recurring income to allow me to get on with next project.

There are probably many more reasons. I’m sure I will be revisiting this as time goes by.


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