35 free images from classic books, ready to use and remix


35 free images from classic books, ready to use and remix.

“The British Library has released over 1,019,992 images on a Flickr profile, for anyone to use, remix and repurpose.

These images were scanned by Microsoft from 17th, 18th, and 19th century books, who then gifted all digitized images to The British Library. The library released them back into the public domain.”



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Publishing An eBook To Kindle Video 2



Step By Step Video Shows You How

“Now in video 2, I’m going to show you how to publish your book on Kindle step-by-step. I’m also going to show you some neat things to add to your book to help get more traffic and show you some important things to think about when publishing your book, like Digital Rights Management (DRM) and the keywords you use.”

By Tom Corson-Knowles

How To Format For Kindle In 30 Mins Video 1



“If this is your first time formatting a book for Kindle, this video will teach you everything you need to know step-by-step to format your book with Microsoft Word.

You can download your free Microsoft Word Kindle formatting Template here.

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Many people pay a few hundred dollars to pay for expensive formatting software or hire a freelancer to do a (poor) job of formatting – but now you can do it yourself!

Cool, huh?

So now that you’re a pro on formatting for Kindle you can start getting paid $250 for 30 minutes of work too – if you’re looking for a little side business as a professional Kindle formatter.”

By Tom Corson-Knowles